Florals are more than just a component of beauty. They connect us to places we're fond of, things we do, people we meet, and when we celebrate the lives we lead. For over 5 years, M/V has had the pleasure of working with so many incredible people whose event inspiration soared and led Maria to exceptional places. We've carefully vetted the most marked of these moments, and in the spirit of the patient gardener that M/V is, arranged them into gentle ikebana, an anthology for you to draw from, gain insights, and delight in nature's troves.

Dreams of Reveurs


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Jazz hands for celebrations of any kind! In my books, weddings, elegant soirées, wonderful parties, and gorgeously styled shindigs, serve as reminders to celebrate life as well as to update it. There’s this marvelous feeling of discovering how my life’s work serves as joyful inspiration for more of these incredible moments, and see these gems published around the press.  See more ->

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Maria Voudouri Floral Design


A legacy is etched into the heart. I've always felt mine begins with everything that blossoms. I began to design with flowers wishing to make a picture of the world around me, and soon, a lively botanical universe unfolded. I discovered more through the tiniest of particles, the corns, and berries, the grains and spores, the fruitage of earth's treasures.

My very own varieties of blooms and hedges come with a worldly-wise punch, and I continue to experiment with textures, colors, and assortments. When designing for weddings and events my process taps on seasonality, a heart-fluttering thing in the line of joy, resonating with the senses.

Maria Voudouri Floral Design



Thessaloniki / Chalkidiki / Northern Greece


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My work truly shines when the people I work with embrace the vision and allow me creative freedom to make it happen for them. But first comes conversation, a meeting of minds, and a perfect accord of luminous ideas. I love the gratification great communication brings, and I'm always on tap for a complimentary consultation on your floral design.


Norway Timelapse
Maria Voudouri Floral Design

A fresh breeze blows over the M/V gram. The colors bright, the blooms proliferating. I love, love to share floral concepts and spruce arrangements that invite life and channel elevated moods. Joyful or bold, delicate or fanciful, you're welcome to share in the joy and follow along. And if you feel like sharing a snippet of your M/V floral design with the world, I'll be thrilled to see @mariavoudouri #mariavoudouri on your IG feed. I'll definitely regram it!

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A fresh breeze blows over the M/V gram

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