Floral Design Insights

Like all things artful, wedding floral design and event floral design come with their own trends. What is a common attribute of anything trending? Easy. One thing too popular this year, may be "so last year" the next. However, as botanical design IS and always will be an integral part of weddings and curated events, what remains absolutely the same is that it allows for your creativity and personal style to... well, blossom.

Working with an expert botanical designer, especially when you are planning a destination wedding, or event, is one of the most fun and far-reaching aspects of your party and celebration, and with some proper guidance and honest direction, you’re bound for dreamy results and bold beauty. After all, nobody wants to feel like a shrinking violet. To help you ease into this process which should be nothing sort of marvelous, I’d like to share a step-by-step guide to help you design your wedding blooms. Step 1 – Define your spending plan I know you’d rather be looking at Pinterest, I mean, who wouldn’t love to soak themselves in some serious pretty and play out their fantasies in lavish florals and botanical goodness… Patience is a virtue, we’ll get to that too. But before you go ahead and jump into an -unnecessary at this point- foraging game for the perfect petals, instead spend some quality time with your partner and your planner analyzing your spending plan. It is important that your budget feels comfortable. At least 10% of the overall wedding budget is spent on flowers, but the numbers can easily add up, with regards to the types of blooms you ultimately choose, and the kind of floral scheme you are aiming for. A more versatile budget will allow for the comfort of more elaborate designs, and avant-garde flowers. It will also give you the opportunity to prioritize other floral accents. Soon as your spending plan is estimated your floral designer comes into the game (see step 2). Get in touch with them to find out more about how to best allocate and manage the amount you are comfortable with. WHY THIS IS A TIME SAVER? You won’t use up your precious time and grey cells looking at prices right after having decided you want a particular kind of florals, and then having to completely reverse your happiness and excitement into settling for less. With the right kind of spending plan you don’t need to settle for anything. Step 2 – Get talking with a wedding floral designer You’ve probably noticed by now I’m not referring my services as those of a “florist” rather a “floral designer”. While for most people this feels one an the same, a bride-to-be, or a hostess-to-be needs to know the difference. A floral designer won’t only understand exactly what you are seeking after, but they are the ones that can bring a vision into life, offer a vast knowledge on varieties, alternatives, and genuses of blooms that are not easily available at a floral salon or market. Chances are they have tons of insider input and connections to suppliers across the world, and very often they also have access to rare floricultural varieties and hybrids that can transform an event from simply beautiful to absolutely sensational. WHY THIS IS SO IMPORTANT? Botanical designers are the architects of blooms, they are expertly versed on forms, movement, and special flower attributes. Many a florists may talk about the ever-so-exhalted “language of flowers”. Kindly let me say that although each blossom and its colorations appear to come with a symbolism the Victorians decided upon, so many things have changed since then. Sticking to specifically one kind of blossom you read about online, may actually steer you away from choices that do your dreams justice. As an arbiter of floral style a floral designer will offer you forward-thinking, intentional design, and communicate your personal style on so many deeper levels. These two oh-so-important actions will ensure you set out right into designing your wedding florals, but that’s definitely not all to it. Stride confidently lovely brides to be… More steps coming up next week, so stay tuned. Love,

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