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Floral Design Insights

During our first part of the step-by-step guide to help you design your wedding blooms we covered the fundamentals of this wonderful process, aka defining your spending plan, and get chatting with your wedding floral designer (If you're new here and haven't yet had the chance to read these super-helpful insights do so before you read below, as this is a sure-fire way to make the most educated choices in landing the wedding floral design of your dreams).

If you’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt, congrats, it’s now to straddle confidently forward. Step 3 – Consider your wedding location & season When it comes to considerations I always encourage my clients to make an agenda for their upcoming events, where they can add notes, musings, and floral inspiration, before they get to actually design their blooms. So much of your botanical design depends on the location(s) and the season your events are happening. As a floral designer I always make it a priority to inspect the premises, and understand the landscape before suggesting a specific concept. Not all blooms pair easily with a stone mansion, as much as not every flower design looks great against an industrial space, the manicured lawns of a villa, a pasty island, or a marquee tent. Sometimes a monofloral design augments the architectural style of a venue, and other a plethora of hues create a sublime result. The season is also crucial to choosing your blooms. I am never against popular flowers such as garden roses, ranunculi, poppies, peonies, etc. These are always in season someplace aroudn the globe, but… if they are not available locally or in close proximity, they are far more costly to acquire out of season, and instead complicate things. WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND: Let the colors and floral varieties of each season guide your design direction. I encourage all brides to keep an open mind when approaching their floral design. Greece is a destination wedding country packed with multifaceted locations, and Northern Greece in particular is chock-full of diverse backdrops and venues. When done right, your floral design will be in total harmony with both the season and the space you have chosen. Step 4- Gather flower inspiration from a floral designer whose work you truly appreciate. Nothing proves better what a botanical designer can do for you than their breathing, living works. Just like one cannot expect for Dior designs when entering a Balenciaga store, the same way one cannot expect one floral designer to mimic the work of another. You see, both Dior and Balenciaga excel at what they do. Both houses are esteemed and superior to many, but at the same time each comes with their own signature style. Gathering Pinterest information and crafting a board of blooms to covet is a great thing to do, as long as you keep in mind that a real artist won’t repeat themselves, or any other fellow artist’s work for that matter. Go through your favorite designer’s galleries and portfolios, save works that appeal to you and your vision and then seek out and allow the creative freedom of someone you utterly trust. You won’t be disappointed. CAN MY COLOR PALETTE HELP OUT? Absolutely so! In fact, I always encourage my clients to advise their wedding planner, textiles, materials, and color palette to help them understand their floral vision. Contrary to what one might think a wedding flower vision is not something one owns right from the start, but something that shapes and forms gradually, the same way a fashion designer’s vision comes live from pen and paper, to mold, pattern and cutout, to an exquisite piece down the runway. One more thing to get your inspiration going is that your wedding florals should not necessarily match your wedding colors. Complimenting your furnishings, backdrop, linens and invitation suites is another beautiful way to go. One of my faves of course, is to see the wedding invites contain parts of the floral scheme. IS THAT ALL? Nnnnope! it actually gets even better, there’s a part three, so grab a glass of vino, put on Sting’s Desert Rose, and indulge in some more, sure-fire advice on how to perfectly land your heavenly wedding floral design. See you soon,

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