Event Planner, Concept and Design: Caravan Project Events

Photographer:George Kostopoulos

Floral Design: Maria Voudouri

Stationery and Calligraphy: Flirty paper

spring inspiration

Love Semiotics

Forsythia, Cercis, Tulips, ranunculus, Iris, Wisteria, Narcissus, Nasturtium, Matthiola, Chaenomeles Japonica, and Paulownia were the botanical elements I used to craft these lovely floral capsules. When designing at the studio, I always enjoy setting my blooms in all different rooms, changing spots constantly based on the light, from outside at a small table in the garden to lingering over a boudoir desk or enjoying a cup of tea in the paneled sitting room on a rainy afternoon.

Crafting this indoor inspiration with Caravan projects was a means to bring the outside in and channel seasonality in eight distinctive and style-conjuring compositions, as wedding celebrations do not only take place alfresco. Receptions in the countryside versus the city are more relaxed and leisurely. Celebrations can sometimes flow into the night, which means that city guests and couples should enjoy florals in different but equally beautiful ways.

The first seeds of inspiration arrived musing on the Story of Flowers, a 3:5 min animation created by Tokyo-based artist and botanical sculptor Azuma Makoto who portrays the life-cycle of flowers. I've always studied and admired his installations, particularly the Shiki series, where a solitary bonsai travels the globe. I wished to channel some of these nods into the shooting, the vibrant punch, and the singularity an arrangement can carry. Hence, my decision to place the floral centerpieces on cubic stands and create a special environment for each.

One of the things I love most about flowers is that they do not settle for one place in their natural state. Instead, they rather sprout riot against grasses, sway, curl and loop, following the movement of the light and wind, and therefore often appear asymmetrical in their weaves. As wedding style is partly aimed at keeping guests in suspense, I wanted this natural movement, the dynamics of stems, and the locomotion of the clusters to be evident. After all, this is the year when the world begins to move again in new directions, travel routes are slowly opening for destination couples; Creating blooms that carry that nod on "passage" can be a gesture of intentionality and enthusiasm; in other words, the bright, beautiful, delightful semiotics of our lives, and our loves.

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