A New Beginning

Hi friends! The new season is just around the corner, and given this new and exciting part of my journey, this brand new website, I wanted to grab the opportunity and share some thoughts with you.

2020 has been quite a year, and to be honest 2021 still raises some questions about the future of wedding celebrations in Greece, as well as all across the planet. As a wedding industry professional I’ve had my fair share of anguish, first, because for the most part of 2020 it all seemed fruitless to discuss weddings, and second because I watched quite a few brides sob into their dresses about when they will be able to walk down the aisle exactly as they have dreamed of.

At first, everyone was taken by storm, we were all so unprepared. But given the shape of things, gradually and steadily the world began to get real. During summer and autumn I watched more and more wedding couples (and pros) take stock of what matters. We all understood that goodness doesn’t necessarily come in numbers, rather in quality and possibilities, that carrying a full heart if far more important than planning a wedding for one’s closest 200. Microweddings and elopements became the new “it”, at first out of necessity but soon out of mindset. The world’s interconnectivity gave rise to more universal feelings such as finding ways to feel like we are supposed to be : in the moment. The natural world taking a rest proved once more that the universe and energy is recurring, so it is up to us to make choices and efforts to live our best of lives whenever possible, focusing on what makes sense and resonates with our larger loves. Feeling like probably everyone on the planet at some point or another, I too sought out to use my lock down time better, and as organically as possible (after all I’m a floral designer) to evolve from within. As one season melted into another it became even more evident that creative inspiration aside I needed to surround myself only with things I love, things that bring joy and meaning. After several months of introspection, and cultivating not only my newest hybrid blooms, watching them turn from spores to fully grown healthy blossoms, an editorial shoot came up, and then another, a few but absolutely phenomenal events, and finally this baby, the site I’m launching tomorrow, my small, but oh so warmly curated footprint if you like, and a new step in what I’ve always felt is the right direction. Splendor in the Grass is one of its parts, my journal, and the place to share not only what inspires me, but also beautiful bits of life as it is, and life as my brides and I are dreaming of it. I really hope you enjoy discovering each post and page, as they are works of love and patient foraging. And we all know what love does… it drives the cold winter away. Happy Spring everyone!

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